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The effectiveness of a firewood processor depends, among other things, how fast you can feed fresh logs into the machine.  The log deck is loaded by means of a pallet fork (with a universal claw) or timber claw. The operator does not have to do any unnecessary hoisting.  It is recomended that the log deck be positioned next to the operator, but it can also be position next to the machine. The logs are fed into the machine with the aid of mechanical or hydraulic rollers, or a hyrdraulic feeding table with 3 rollers.

The 2048-M model consists of two sections (walls) with two attachment profiles and one mechanical roller. Model 2048-H3 consists of three sections with two attachment profiles and a hydraulic feeding table with three rollers. The feeding table is assembled to the log deck, but can also be used separately.

The 2048 model is designed in a flexible way so that it can be assembled according to the preference of the user, either the logs are one or five meters. You can either select one of the two package deals, or put together a solution which satisfies your own, specific demands. The existing solutions can be extended with more sections and additional rollers, hydraulically or mechanically operated, if the demands change. The hydraulic feeding consists of a single hydraulic roller or a feeding table with three rollers. The roller(s) are connected in series with the feeding conveyor of the firewood processor, and are operated with the same lever. The spikes on the supporting rollers ensure a firm grip on the log.

 The log deck can be folded during storage or transport.


2048-M / LOG DECK / 180 kg
Manual / consist of:  2 pcs sections (2048-020), 1 pc mechanical roller (2048-170), 2 pcs attachement profile, large (2048-030), 2 pcs stakes (2048-034)

2048-H3 / LOG DECK / 330 kg
Hydraulic / consist of: 3 pcs sections (2048-020), 1 pc feeding table with 3 rollers (2048-120), 2 pcs attachment profile, large (2048-030), 2 pcs stakes (2048-034)

Optional extras

The two models can be supplemented, or a different assembly can be made.

Dalen Log deck 2048 is a part of ”DALEN System for Effective Firewood Production”. It provides an efficient and flexible tool to maximize the usage of your Dalen processor's capacity, and it fits your individual needs!

  • Your firewood processor will be more effective
  • Flexible build - make your own solution
  • Rebuild if your needs change
  • Saves you unnecessary, heavy lifting
  • Hydraulic feeding 2052/2054

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