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Designed and manufactured in the USA. Bin diameter from 4.57 to 6.40 m. Bin capacities from 59 to 214.5 tons of wheat. Volume from 78 to 282 m3 with 45° cone shaped hopper. Strong Roller-Gate outlet slide. Galvanised legs bolted to two silo rings. External ladder with safety cage. Roof ladder to the top of the silo. 32° silo roof with inspection hatch in the roof sheet. With anchor bolts for easy attachment to the foundation.

Dan-Corn hopper bin model standard is an excellent hopper bin for Dan-Corn mobile dryer, delivery bin and self-emptying storage bin.

The hopper bin is made of galvanised sheets in order to extend its lifetime. The hopper bin is delivered with a top ring on which an industrial lid for e.g. conveyor system or catwalk can be mounted.

With its 78 cm the rack-and-pinion steered Roller-Gate outlet slide on the hopper bin ensures sufficient space
for mounting conveyor system.

Standard roof vents on the roof, industrial lid as well as full level sensors.

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