- Stirring System



With the Dan-Corn stirring system you can easily store and dry moist grain in up to 8 m grain depth in our outdoor storage bins. The drying process must be activated as soon as an even grain layer (0.5-1 m) is in the bin.

Warm air is introduced through the fully perforated floor. The lowest grain layer is dried during constant stirring via the horizontal cross-tube mounted augers. Uniform drying of the grain is achieved by the action of the 2 - 3 vertical augers stirring back and forth along the horizontal cross-tube.

At the same time the stirring augers pull the grain from the bottom of the silo and up which ensures a uniform and homogenous stirring of the whole silo content.

  • Drying in storage silos

  • Homogeneous drying

  • Large capacity

  • Simple operation

  • Capable of drying smaller batches

  • Even distribution

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Solid konstruktion

  • Well-proven and patented equipment

  • Easy construction

  • Can be made to fit individual needs

  • Thorough mixing of different grains

  • Minimum operational effort required

Fan and Heating
The fan must be powerful enough to push the air through the grain layer. All heating sources normally used for
drying grain in flat storage can be used. This can be oil, gas, hot water etc.

Grain Spreader
In order to ensure an efficient and even distribution of the grain in the bin, a grain spreader is mounted directly
below the inlet at the top of the bin. The grain spreader adjustment is infinitely variable to spread the grain
evenly and homogeneously in the bin.

Stirring System
The system has a horizontal hanging cross tube with 2-3 down augers, which ensure complete stirring and mixing
of the grain in the bin. Warm air is supplied while the bin is being stirred, thereby achieving a completely uniform
drying of the grain.

The airflow through the grain is increased by up to 33% because of the stirring.

When the grain is stirred, “wet” spots in the bin are avoided. It is also possible to make a perfect mixture of e.g. barley and wheat in the bin. Extra down augers for increased capacity are easily and quickly mounted.

The stirring system has an absolute minimum of maintenance because of the simple construction. The system is well-known for its reliability and ability to stir the complete bin. The complete stirring is obtained through the system running in a »flower pattern« and not running in the same »track«.

Everything is CE-approved and preassembled at Dan-Corn. The grain spreader has infinitely variable adjustment on the bin diameter and is also equipped with Danish electrical parts.

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