Eurospand Cavallo S.r.l.

- Carried Localized Inter Row Fertilizer Spreader



The most versatile, efficient fertilizer spreader on the market for the inter-row localized, full field or green-houses distribution.

  • Capacity: from 600 l to 1000 l
  • Localizer Inter-Row Distribution from 2 to 5 m
  • Full Field Distribution: up to 12 m
The absence of inner agitators improves distribution, does not produce powders, enables the spreading of mineral fertilizers, organic amenders and seeds reducing the dosage to apply. Scroll down to discover all advantages.
A stainless steel module conveyor enables these models to carry out the following operations easily and fast:
  • Localized at the root of vineyards or orchards with rows of plants from 2 to 5 m
  • Full field with spreading width up to 12 m
  • Full field distribution with right or left border spreading reduction
  • Localized in a large band at the centre of the row
  • In green houses
Curved tubes and conveniently shaped round edges to avoid the sediment of powders of fertilizer and guarantee maximal sturdiness.
The result is an easy, fast cleanable frame with useful load up to 1200 kg
In these versions the required dosage is automatically adjusted according to the forward speed (Forward Speed Calibration) by means of two linear actuators. The system enables the instantaneous variation of the applied dosage, the interruption of spreading on one side, the verification of the worked hectares directly and comfortably from the tractor’s seat.

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