- Model 18/25/30 TON - Single Axle Chaser Bin

One of the best parts of owning a Davimac Chaser Bin is that you can unload on the go and increase harvest efficiency - saving valuable time and money. Its tough and sturdy design ensure strength and durability for the farmer who only wants the best.

A low 3.3m loading side height enhances on-the-go-transfer efficiency.


The rugged drive train design combines a hyd drive for the 16'  floor auger and a heavy duty direct drive gearbox for the 20' vertical auger. Our drive system is the toughest and simplest is the industry.


Steep bin sides, so even the hard to flow grains will flow (rice etc).


Easy clean out; bin design eliminates places for grain to sit.


The axle is rate to 34 tonne for the 18 and 25 tonne chaser bins. The 30 tonne chaser bin has a heavy duty 12 hub axle rated to 40 tonne.


Unique heavy-duty chasse puts the Davimac Chaser Bin in a class of its own. 

All this combined into one machine shows our dedication to build a quality product that is built to last.  

  • Increased header capacity up to 30%
  • Able to harvest in wetter conditions.
  • Less wear and tear on header running across fields
  • A product that is built to last.
  • Less compaction (no trucks in the fields).

  • The 20' auger is driven by a heavy duty gear box. 
  • The bin is constructed of 3mm sheet in the sides and 6.4mm plate in the front and back of the bin. The bin has a full length clean out slide and steep 40 degree sides so that the bin empties completely and will mean seeds like rice will flow easily.
  • Heavy duty floatation wheels are fitted. On the 18 ton bin 30.5/32 18 ply tyres are fitted and on the 25 ton bin 800/60 x R 32 TL tyres are fitted as standard or 900/60R32 tyres can be fitted to give superior flotation. The 30 ton bin are fitted with 900/60R 32 tyres. The wheels are mounted on a heavy duty axle rated to 34 ton and 40ton for the 30 ton chaser bin.
  • The auger 20' vertical auger has a 10mm flight and a 3mm barrel for a long life. The cross auger has a large 165mm pipe so there is no need for troublesome middle bearings. It also has a 6.4mm flight.
  • Davimac single axle chaser bins have an adjustable axle so you can have 2.6m to 3m wheel centers. This is a great advantage for road travel, meaning you don't need a escort for road travel, saving you time and money.
  • All our bins are fitted as standard with a hyd auger spout for easy placement of the grain    

  • Auger mounted work light.
  • Spout for filling auger hoppers.
  • Rear lights with revolving light.
  • Freight available if required
  • Scales
  • Hyd adjustable axle centres, 2.6m to 3m

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