- Wood Splitter

With the serious wood splitters job in mind Daytech has built a strong and robust machine, which will stand the test of time. The solid work platform enables the whole system to work more efficiently than others. This in turn adds to the long life of the machine.


The Daytech transportable wood splitter comes in two configurations, horizontal or vertical. Both models have large work platforms. The horizontal splitter has a hinged tip up beam for big rings. Ring lifters can be fitted to our vertical wood splitters. The main beam is double skinned and well gusseted for long life and extra strength. All Daytech wood splitters are fitted with our unique fabricated dished wedge with sharpened BIS alloy leading edge and extra thick wear strips, pushing against a 50mm thick plate, packs a real punch and keeps the wood being split in a handy position for the next cut. 1,500kg trailer hubs and stubs with 12inch wheels (not wheel barrow wheels) make our splitters easy to tow. Heavy-duty jockey wheel and coupling supplied. Our standard hydraulic pack produces all the pressure that is required and consists of a top quality 4stroke 9hp motor coupled to a 2 stage Barnes pump for speed and power 4” x 2” cylinder running off ¾ hoses with return filter. A sight level and oil temperature gauge is fitted to the tank. The tank has a large capacity and the system is fully filtered. Fast cycle time and fuel efficient, with the motor running on ¾ throttle on this system the operator will get the best part of a day from a full tank of petrol.

The Daytech wood splitter is a top quality, powerful, well-constructed machine.

If you are in the business of splitting wood or just want a high quality New Zealand made splitter this machine will not disappoint.

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