- Drip irrigation tape for SDI


Drip tape with flat emitters used for subsurface irrigation system. The product can not only help to improve crop quality and quantity, but also disease control. Advantages: 1. The flap outlet can prevent siphon effectively. 2. Wide filtration area can effectively prevent the dripper flow path from being blocked. 3. Turbulent flow regime can effectively enhance the self-cleaning mechanism; 4. Resistance for aging and environmental stress cracking; 5. Supply water, fertilizer and pesticide to the roots of crops directly; 6. The utilization of water & fertilizer is increased by 30 ~ 70% than surface irrigation methods; 7. Reduce labor cost and agricultural irrigation facility input.


1.       Buried 10~40cm under the soil surface

2.       Optimize the distribution of crop root system in the soil

3.       Once being buried, it can be used for over 8 years;

4.       Working pressure: 40~30m

5.       Available in dripper spacing 200-1000mm

6.       Nominal flow rate 0.8-3 l/h;

7.       Suitable for field crops with a developed root system, deciduous crops,greenhouse, fruit trees, windbreaker

8.       Comply with the standard ISO 9261:1991 (GB/T 17188-1997)A

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