Model DB-M Mini - Misters and Spray Bars



The DustBoss M-Mini (DB-M Mini) is a more flexible, compact version of the DB-M, a low-turbulence model designed for applications where a fan-driven model is undesirable.

Suited to use along crushers, hoppers, and with other applications, the DB-M Mini generates a cloud of atomized mist.

Nozzles on the unit may be added, removed or resized as conditions dictate to provide maximum control.

General Specs

  • Throw is dependent on wind conditions. Approximately 10 feet (3.048 m) on a quiet day
  • Misting head with 9 nozzles mounted on a standard 2-foot boom that can be customized
  • Variable configuration allows nozzles to be added, removed or replaced with different sizes to suit specific applications
  • Standard boom length is 2 feet (.6 meters) tall when mounted on skid
  • Units can be fabricated on booms ranging from 1 to 15 feet (.3 to 4.57 m) in length
  • Dosing pump can be added for use of surfactants, which improve binding of dust particles, or tackifying agents, which seal the ground to prevent fugitive dust.
  • Unit is covered by 3-year warranty

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