Model DB11 - In-Row Automatic Disk


The in-row automatic disk is the latest arrival in BFM.This innovative machine can also be used on heavy soils.The automatic sensor is able to detect any obstacle can be adjusted in every position. The head of the machine is made up of discs that move the soil surface and form small clumps that allow the strain to breathe. One of its peculiarities is to give farmers two different types of processing through the replacement of the disk with the tiller. The machine is also fitted with controls to be applied close to the tractor to allow manual control of the same. The in-row automatic disk can be used in orchards and vineyards, as well as poplar trees and olive groves.

  • pto shaft
  • variable tiller width (your choice) 23.6 o 29.5 inches
  • adjustable working wheel to regulate tilling depth
  • remote independent level controls
  • adjustable hydraulic sensor rod

  • lateral assembly plow
  • lateral assembly blade kit
  • arm assembly grass cutter disk
  • tiller head available for the work between plants
  • spaced as narrow as 15,7 inches
  • electric independent level control (mod. Raiteri)
  • support shaft for in-row tiller

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