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DC Motors


AtIgnition Products India,we manufacture best technology oriented D.C. motors. DC Motors designed are fractional horsepower capacity, which is a permanent magnetic field and rotating armature variety. We offer customized shaft design and mounting design types also.

    • The machines are available to a maximum capacity of 100 HP 1500 RPM. Standard class of insulations is 'B' class. ‘F' class and 'H' class insulations are also available with compact sizes.

    • Main dimensions are according to I.S.S. specifications. These are provided either foot or flange type: construction of the body is generally screen protected. Drip-proof type but if required totally enclosed type can also be provided from 0.125 HP to 3 HP capacity, standard rated voltage is 220 volt stand that for higher capacity 440 volts.

  • The motors are shunt wound type separate excitation, standard field voltage 220 volts irrespective of armature voltage.

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