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- Model N28 - Liquid Fertilizers


DCD-SLOW N28 is a high title liquid Nitrogen fertilizer featured by Dicyandiamide (DCD) nitrification inhibitor. The presence of DCD Dicyandiamide in SLOW-N 28 reduces Ammonia and Ureic Nitrogen in nitrate form period of transformation; this process represents a significant supply for the plant (that will benefit of a constant assimilable Nitrate Nitrogen ) and an environmental advantage leading to reduced Nitrogen losses caused by leach out.


DCD SLOW-N 28 is generally compatible with conventional products used in agriculture. It is recommended not to apply with products containing Copper products, mineral oils or mixed with products with alkaline reactions. Pour the product in the dispenser when it contains about half the solution you intend to prepare, mixing will be facilitated and solubilization will be sped up by shaking the solution. During the preparation take into account the conductivity and temperature of the water, adjusting the doses to solubilize.


30 kg tank

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