Belafer Industries S.L.

Model DD - Orchard Shredders



Special model with sensitive wheel for ecological orchards: the sensitive disk clear of scrub the grass of the fruit tree trunks, thus avoiding the use of conventional and residual herbicides. The double disk dd model is specially designed for fruit and olive tree fields or grassland; it allows for an exceptional operating width, going around the tree trunks and cutting the grass from the trunks.

  • Models equipped with specialised premanufactured cutter heads and blades.
  • Double back wheel.
  • Minimum cutting height: 4 cm.
  • Maximum cutting height: 14 cm.
  • “C” Type belt transmission.
  • Rotation speed: 1600 turns at 540 r.p.m. and 1900 turns in sensitive wheel.
  • Rotation direction: right or left.
  • -Double back wheel.


  • Hydraulic shift.
  • Rear roller. Interchangeable blades.
  • Hydraulic sensor for new crops.

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