Deep Power Push-Off Trailer



The framework trough of the push-off trailer distinguishes the push-off trailer DEEP POWER PUSH from the products of our competitors and offers our customers additional advantages like a higher payload-volume of 4 m³ or a low centroid which allows pushing-off without hesitation also in critical situations. Because of the driving platform an especially smooth and stable pushing process can be granted, since the freight does not have to be pressed.

  • low net weight leads to increased payload
  • high stability due to STABILATOR body
  • high loading capacity (46 m³)
  • 4 m³ additional loading capacity due to the framework trough
  • high stability due to the low centroid
  • good manoeuvrability
  • movable and exchangeable axle aggregat
  • proven BRANTNER ACC 866 surface coating
  • excellent cost-effectiveness.

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