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Deep Rippers with Application of Fertilizers



Basis of a multipurpose cultivator, OSTRATICKÝ firm is the deep ripper with possibility of connection of the device for entering of liquid fertilizers or granules on depth of about 60 sm. At installation of additional distributors, with wide ploughshares there is a possibility of use of a frame of a ripper for further necessary works in vineyards and gardens – cleaning of weeds, cultivations of row-spacing, or cutting a grassy cover. The unique system of change of provision of the distributors, invented by OSTRATICKÝ firm, allows use of one working tool for performance of several operations, reducing the equipment cost.

The universal cultivator OSTRATICKÝ is delivered with the adjusted working width from 140 to 230 cm, or 100-180 cm at a deep ripper.

Working depth is regulated rather simply depending on specific conditions and requirements. The best performance of the unit is achieved by proper selection of the condensing skating rink (pipes), or grinding wheel (from bars). On request, ripper can be completed with collection of disk partitions for hilling or select from a range of soil. It is also possible to add two-way blade cultivator or loosening for intersectional processing.

Additions and accessories:

The condensing skating rink (pipes) which is splitting up the grinding wheel (bars), the equipment for application of fertilizers in the form of granules, the equipment on introduction of liquid fertilizers, hinged disks for moving of the soil to a row-spacing, putting-forward double-sided knife section.

Working speed of 10 km/h (2–2,5 hectares/hours / row-spacing 3?)

  • for cleaning of weeds and row-spacing cultivation
  • for deep loosening with application of fertilizers
  • for cutting a grassy cover

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