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Defender is a ready to use liquid fertilizer derived from patent pending urea phosphite. Every gallon contains over 5.9 pounds of phosphorus acid! (10.9 pounds of phosphite)

Key Benefits

  • Defender is formulated with very little water allowing the PO3 to remain stable in the jug.
  • Defender contains a higher percentage of PO3 than other phosphate fertilizers.
  • Defender can be used at lower rates per acre than other phosphite fertilizers making it economical and effective
  • Defender is compatible with most fertilizers and pesticides
  • Defender can be used as a buffer to prevent alkaline hydrolysis

What is Defender

Defender is a urea-phosphite, the newest of the phosphite technologies. Defender is very highly concentrated and has a low use rate for all specialty crops. Defender provides unique technologies for reducing pathogen populations, and provides nitrogen when used in foliar treatments.

Defender & Tazer

Defender can be used along with Tazer fungicide to expand Tazer’s efficacy against soil born and foliar diseases.

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