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Introducing Pro-Till® by Degelman. The fastest and most versatile piece of tillage equipment you will ever own. Pro-Till® shreds heavy fall residue, opens up spring fields, levels ruts, destroys clods and produces an absolutely perfect seed bed. Pro-Till® is your single tool for tillage. Degelman designers are passionate about getting it right. Farm tools with the least amount of moving parts will simply last longer. Degelman is renowned for building overbuilt and under complicated equipment. Less is always more.

A Pro-Till® cultivator has the unique ability to cultivate and warm the soil during cold wet conditions when all other forms of tillage plug and fail.

In the midst of a long wet spring, getting seed in the ground to allow adequate time for the growing season is critical. Heavy cold soils need to be black and warm for ideal germination conditions. In as little as one day and after one pass, frigid heavy residue soil is cut, turned, mixed, reactivated, warmed, topically dried and ready for planting/seeding. Pro-Till® in the spring can mean the difference between success and failure. 

Unsurpassed Flotation100% Wider.

Degelman Pro-Till uses BKT FL-630 Plus High Flotation tires, offering an extremely wide footprint area for maximum performance in wet soil conditions.

30% Taller.

With a 30% taller tire, Degelman Pro-Till minimizes rolling resistance while reducing the impact on soil structure.

Lugged Tread Pattern

Pro-Tills’ BKT FL 630 tires use a non-directional lugged tread designed to shed mud; ideal for wet conditions. Thees tires wear longer and save you fuel and time in the field when compared to traditional ribbed tires.

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