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The new DeLaval milk meter MM27BC is a highly accurate ICAR approved milk meter which also monitors any blood traces in the milk, conductivity, kick-off and air entry in the liners. It offers fast milk yield monitoring and better control of cow health. Combine MM27BC with ALPRO and you will profit from better information for efficient herd management.

Core benefits

  • Monitors blood presence
  • Monitors udder conductivity
  • Monitors milk out performances.
  • Uses unique optical technology and has no moving parts
  • Is robust and small making it reliable with minimal risk of breakdown.
  • Can be used in both new and old parlour installations.
  • Enables selection of cows by milk yield.

With accurate milk recording, you are aware of each cow’s day-to-day milk yield and can react quickly if health problems threaten.

DeLaval milk meter MM27BC provides key data for optimal herd management. It accurately records milk yield; and it monitors blood*, conductivity*, kick off*and air entry into the liner* (*when coupled with DeLaval MPC580, MPC680, or MP700).

Milk flow is measured extremely accurately with infrared light technology. This means that the milk flows straight through, with no moving parts to restrict flow. And no moving parts mean minimal risk of breakdowns. The compact and solid design also makes measurement less vulnerable to disturbance – which maintains milk quality and gives you reliable milk yield information.

The four red digits on the display screen can be read clearly from a distance, giving an accurate value of milk yield. DeLaval milk meter MM27BC is internationally approved for milk yield recording and sampling by ICAR.

DeLaval milk meter MM27BC flow sensor allows for precision control. Programmable default values mean that cluster removal is performed at exactly the right time, for optimal milking. A nice option is to integrate your milk meter into a curb cabinet or to protect it with a cover, combining design simplicity with full protection.

DeLaval MM27BC is optimized to work with DeLaval milking point MP780, DeLaval milking point controller MPC680, or DeLaval milking point controller MPC580. In any of these combinations, DeLaval MM27BC delivers full functionality to the ALPRO™ herd management system, including detecting blood in the milk, the level of udder conductivity, and milk out performance.

DeLaval MM27BC also works with DeLaval cluster removers: DeLaval milking point MP400.


  • Milk is measured continuously without disturbing the milk or air flow.
  • Monitors blood presence*, udder conductivity* and milk out performances.
  • No electricity, float or flow stop needed.
  • It is not dependent on a central computer.
  • It is not sensitive to vibrations during air blast cleaning.
  • Low service cost.
  • Information is displayed on the milk meter’s sealed unit.
  • It is compatible with previous generations of products.

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