- Model MT125 - Control Box



More and more farmers have now found the easy way to save money in their dairy operation by using the DeLaval MP3 Plate Cooler. To precool the milk before it enters the cooling tank means that the refrigeration compressor only needs to run half as long and thereby reduce the energy cost. The quicker cooling of the milk also improves the milk quality since bacteria have less time to develop. The MP3 range comprises two versions of coolers: PreCoolers and Deep Coolers–each available in different sizes for a wide range of capacities and each manufactured with the high quality that has made DeLaval the largest worldwide supplier of plate heat exchangers.

  • Milk temperature control of up to three tanks
  • Agitation control for up to three tanks
  • CIP Cleaning of up to three different sized tanks
  • Centralized milk room control of tank cooling and cleaning

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