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The stanchion milking system is the oldest, most trusted solution in the dairy industry worldwide. Today, stanchion systems offer productive solutions to large and small customers globally. DeLaval’s stanchion milking systems integrate ICAR/DHIA approved milking units, farm management and concentrate feeding robots.

The modern DeLaval stanchion barn uses the ultra-modern DeLaval milking unit MU480, which is approved for ICAR/DHIA approved milk metering. The milking units monitor precisely the daily milk production of each cow, transferring the yield data wirelessly to DeLaval DelPro™ farm management system, milk yield deviations are immediately identified so that appropriate actions can be taken. DeLaval DelPro™ feed wagons then dispense the appropriate concentrate, roughage and feed for the individual cow’s needs.

  • Stanchion solutions to suit all users demands, from completely new barns, major reconstructions or minor upgrades
  • A pipeline milking system that meets the minimum requirements of the ISO standard, all milk contact components are certified food grade.
  • The DeLaval carrier rail system carries the weight of milking units, reducing the burden on operators and boosting labour productivity.
  • Milk yield recording, every cow, every milking, every day transferred wirelessly to DeLaval DelPro™ farm management system, deviations are immediately identified. 
  • Feed rations are calculated automatically for each individual cow. Precise feeding boosts milk yields, reducing costs and waste.
  • Mechanising and automating everyday functions dramatically reduces labour costs.  

No other player on the market offers a stanchion system that integrates ICAR/DHIA milk yield recording with automated farm management and feed management. Accurate milk yield results are used to calculate individual feed rations which can drive up milk yields, drive down labour time and costs.

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