- Model CF1000+ - Calf Feeder



DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ is a cost efficient tool for rearing healthy calves. It is available with either ALPRO™ or stand-alone control, with a choice of basic or premium equipment levels.

  • Up to 100 calves
  • 1 to 4 milk stations
  • Feeding with milk replacer / fresh milk
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Automatic calibration (optional)
  • Heating capacity 5Kw
  • Priority and parallel feeding - optional (IFS/CF4 Servo Extension)

DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ with ALPRO™ connects to the ALPRO™ herd management system, for programming specific ration and feeding plans – data which can also be viewed on the calf feeder’s hand held terminal

  • DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ has a user-friendly hand held computer with clear display panel to view ration and feeding data.
  • It has a manual feeding pump to teach the calves to drink, and can be connected to concentrate feed stations to use the auto weaning function.
  • Feed is individually mixed for each calf, in 0.25 or 0.5 litre portions.
  • DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ has IQ heating which automatically ensures that feed is provided at the correct drinking temperature. This also provides for increasing the temperature easily for effective cleaning.
  • DL calf feeder Cf1000+ has the possibility to add the Autocalibration Option to ensure accurate rations.
  • Transparent powder hopper to easily control the level
  • Fully automatic Heat Exchanger,valve cleaning, and suction hose cleaning with detergent pump
  • Low energy circulation pumps
  • Additive doser (1 to 2 for powder or liquids)

  • DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ makes it easy to control calf feeding, to provide a good start for your calves.
  • DeLaval calf feeder CF1000+ is designed to feed each calf individually. It can be equipped with up to four teats and four concentrate feed stations.

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