- Model FPM300 - Cow Feed Pusher



Automate your least favorite chore. The DeLaval Feed Pusher FMP300 is a robust automated feeding solution designed to reduce manual labor and ensure cows have easier access to feed.  The angled blade pushes feed closer,  slowly turning it while pushing it along a rail system, helping to mix and maintain access to fresh rations.

PUSH for more milk!

  • Increased milk yield due to equal access for all cows
  • Turns the feed, keeping it fresher
  • Reduces labor
  • No charging time, capable of running 24/7

The DeLaval feed pusher FPM300 is designed to sweep slowly and quietly along the feed bunk, keeping the ration within easy reach of the herd at all times. This ensures that all members of the herd have access to feed, irrespective of social rankings.

This unique rail-mounted technology can be coupled to the DeLaval Barn System Controller BSC and can operate quietly throughout the day without the need for recharging or supervision. It is suitable for installation in both single and double sided barns, including barns with crossovers and asymmetrical sides. It's a simple solution to meet all your feed pushing requirements.

At the end of each stroke, the blade is lifted in the air and stored vertically to save space.

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