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Delivery Control


The BAS-700 system mesures bulk moisture content using a crane-based probe system. Rapid measurement can be done in e g truck containers with woodchips, sawdust and other forest residue. Bestwood is about to set a new de facto standard for quality control in fuel shipments and price settlement. Further, the BAS-700 system is the only alternate technology that has been approved for price settlement by the Swedish Wood Surveying organisation VMF. The BAS-700A system incorporates automatic probe control under supervision of the vehicle´s chauffeur. This way the reception station can be be run around the clock without own staff. Using BAS-700A means look no further for your next generation delivery control solution!

Key features:

  • High accuracy and precision
  • Bulk measurement
  • Real time data
  • Automatic maneuvering
  • Option for inventory control and automatic fuel orders
  • Option for feedback to suppler about quality etc
  • Option to optimize logistics and fuel mixing
  • Turn-key deliveries may be handled

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