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Delosperma Basuticum Gold Nugget


Gold Nugget is a true alpine succulent, coming from the highest peaks of distant South Africa. In bloom, Delosperma congestum is irresistible; the large, shiny yellow flowers sit right on top of the succulent foliage and have a distinct white eye. Being an alpine species, it appreciates more regular moisture than other South African succulents. Plant Gold Nugget where it receives some afternoon shade, particularly where summer temperatures are hot. A gem for mountain rock gardens.

  • Common Name: Ice Plant
  • Height: 3 in.
  • Width: 0 in.
  • Bloom Time: Early Summer
  • Flower Color: Yellow
  • Hardiness: -20F (0)
  • Light: Part Sun
  • Soil
  • Moisture: Dry to Moist

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