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- Woven Wire Hog Flooring



Our new self-supported woven wire is bridge trussed with 1/2' solid bar stock.  The interlocking sections are made 24' or 30' wide and will span up to 10'.  When installed the seams are virtually undetectable and the interlocking tabs won't allow the floor to deflect or move around.  After fabrication we hot dip zinc galvanize the whole section, this process coats the whole floor in a thick layer of zinc, which is the best corrosion protection available.

  • Excellent for farrowing/nursery pigs
  • Doesn't retain bacteria
  • No extra charge for custom sizes
  • Easy cleaning
  • Surface is non-porous
  • Low cost flooring

  • Interlocking 1/2' solid rod bridge support truss
  • Hot dipped zinc galvanized after fabrication for maximum corrosion protection
  • Self-supporting up to 10' in length
  • 24' or 30' wide sections - standard
  • Stays dryer and cleaner for healthier pigs
  • Excellent footing for sows
  • One of the most widely used and proven hog floor world wide

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