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Delta Extractys is a patented, physical and selective extraction process. It is designed to enhance, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the extraction of membranous compounds of grape berries – such as polyphenols (anthocyans and tannins) and aromatic precursors – from a thermovinification processed grape crop.

Basic principle

Integrated downstream in a thermovification installation and just before the maceration vat, the Delta Extractysmodule is made up of 2 small-volume pressure chambers. The hot crop is introduced into one of the two chambers and is subjected to overpressure followed by a quick pressure reduction when returned to air pressure. The pressure reduction makes the grape membrane cells fragile and favours extraction.
Exclusive advantages of Delta Extractys :

Enhanced colour, structure and aroma with greater typicality (wine profile that is supple, fruity, etc.). Operates with liquid or solid phase vinification for hot membranous maceration operations.

  • Applied pressure range: up to 4 bars
  • Operating range from 2 T/H to 60 T/H

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