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- Model VM/VML - Screw compressor units Delta Screw with direct drive

Suitable for dry and clean compression of air and neutral gases A single series for all volume flows. They are among the world’s best-selling compressors: the direct-drive units that bear the name Delta Screw. Why? Because there is probably no other compressor that so uncompromisingly fulfils even the most demanding client requirements. Because you can cover a very broad range of volume flows with a single machine. Because these compressors are most efficient. Because they are legendary for their operational availability and longevity. And finally, because these amazing all-rounders enjoy a big advantage: they are “Made by AERZEN”.

  • Type of construction: Screw Compressors 
  • Volume flow: approx. 950 - 15000 m³/h 
  • Size: 15 
  • Medium: air, neutral gases 
  • Compression: oil-free 
  • Pressure operation: VM - up to max 4,5 bar (a). VML - up to max. 3,0 bar (a) 
  • Suction operation: VML - up to max. 0,15 bar (a)

The packages are delivered completely assembled, allowing their prompt and trouble-free installation. Installation procedures at site are limited to the connection of the power supply and plant piping resp. filling-up of oil. The standard package designed for pressure mode operation sucks in ambient atmospheric air through a filter. In vacuum mode and nitrogen operation, the intake filter is substituted by a suction silencer of pipe connection. An additional expansion joint with tie-rods ensures stress-free intake connection to plant piping. The standard package is designed to accept motors having IP 55 type of protection. In the case of packages equipped with an acoustic hood, the electrical wiring as well as the motor contactor and pushbuttons can be installed in the standard instrument panel (only applies for machines with gearbox).

The units are specifically designed to match practical requirements in the field. They are the ideal solution for the dry, oli-free and clean compression of air and neutral gases as required e.g. in the following application fields:

  • Pneumatic conveying with air or nitrogen
  • Aeration of sewage basins
  • Homogenising of cement
  • Vacuum production in the glass industry
  • Prevention of ice build-up in harbours and lakes
  • Oil booms
  • Gas-air mixing plants
  • Oxidation air for power stations
  • Stationary unloading of silo vehicles
  • Vacuum production in the paper industry
  • Conveying and compression of neutral gases
  • Blast air for production of spunbonded web

Wherever air and gases of most various kinds are conveyed, compressed or measured twin-shaft Positive Displacement machines made by AERZEN are used. A wide range of Positive Displacement blowers and Screw compressors made by the Aerzener Maschinenfabrik is available for almost all the branches of the industry.

Application fields of Aerzener rotary piston machines

Here are some application fields of Aerzener rotary lobe compressors, positive displacement blowers, screw compressors and rotary piston gas meters:

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