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- Model SWT-4 - Rugged Soil Tensiometer



A precision, water-filled, ceramic cup tensiometer with good accuracy (±0.5kPa) over the range +100 to -85 kPa. The SWT-4 Tensiometers contain water in the cup only, which gives improved frost resistance. SWT-4 models require refilling and degassing after dry periods, the SWT-4R models can be refilled once installed. Please note: sensor cable length 2.5m from ceramic cup to 4-pin plug M12/IP67. Ceramic cup 6cm x 24m diameter.

SWT4 Rugged Soil Tensiometer

  • Excellent accuracy in wet and irrigated soils
  • Easy refill model available

  • Applications include monitoring crop water stress, irrigation scheduling and tracking gradients of hydraulic potential when analysing directions and rates of water flow.
  • Their ability to respond to positive hydraulic heads allows them to monitor water table height when submerged (and the overburden, if present).
  • The SWT range of tensiometers requires a stabilised 10.6V DC, 1.3mA power source.
  • A DL2e Data Logger, with a TVB1 Voltage Regulator can power and log up to 30 tensiometers (or 60 with special cable arrangements).
  • Alternatively, a GP1 Data Logger, fitted with up to two GP1-PBA-X50 adapter board can log 1 or 2 tensiometers

  • Sensor: SWT4 & SWT4R
  • Measurement range: +100 to -85 kPa
  • Accuracy: ±0.5 kPa
  • Salinity range: No significant effect
  • Temperature range: 0 to 50°C
  • Output: 1Mv / kPa
  • Power requirement: Precision 10.6V, ~1.3mA
  • Environmental: IP68
  • Sample volume: Depends on soil
  • Dimensions: Ceramic : Ø 24 mm length 60 mm
  • Shaft : Ø 25 mm length 10-200cm
  • Cable: 1.5 m; 4 pin plug M12
  • Logger/Meter compatibility: GP1 ü (GP-PBA-X50)
  • DL2e ü (TVB1)
  • Sensor calibrations: Interchangeable sensors
  • Recommend recalibration every 2 years
  • Soil calibrations: Not necessary

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