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- Model PEX - Tube Floor Heating



The Delta-Tube PEX heating system heats the greenhouse from the floor by running hot water through a grid of durable, cross-linked high-density polyethylene polymer tubing installed in the concrete. Using the concrete floor as a radiant surface, heat radiates from the floor into the greenhouse and directly to the plants. The direct contact between the root zone and the warm floor provides for maximum soil and plant temperature control, resulting in consistent temperatures and even crop growth.

Compatible with any type of heat source, the DELTA-TUBE PEX floor system allows for different temperature zones, increasing grower flexibility. Because it eliminates the need for loud and unsightly unit and infrared heaters, it is an excellent choice for a retail area. In fact, retail garden centers report that customers stay longer and buy more because this silent and comfortable heating system makes for a great shopping environment.

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