- Model Junior - Irrigator


The Williams Deluxe Junior Irrigator a shorter armed version of the SpiderDeluxe. This irrigator is specifically designed for smaller sized farms withlower powered pumps (5.0-7.5hp). If at a later date a larger pump is installed,extensions can be bolted into the arms to convert your Deluxe Junior to aSpider Deluxe. The Deluxe Junior comes standard with 200m of stainless steelwire.

Simple trouble freedesign

Rewind handle

Double lipped neopreneseals

Quick action pawls

Hardened steel wireguide

4 travel speeds

Total enclosed mainbearings

Stainless steel spindle

Low centre of gravity

Light but strong

Totally hot-dipped galvanized

Suitable for irrigation

Towing hitch

Operates with lay flatand hard hoses

Progressive cam for low power requirement for travelling

Supplied with the camlockfitting for supply hose

Spreading width (m) 20-25
Application depth (lm2) 5 minimum
Travel distance (m) 200
Boom width (m) 4.5
Height (m) 1.7
Width (m) 1.45
Length (m) 2.15
Weight (kg) 120
Max Pressure (bar) 6
Max Volume (cubic m) 50
Max Draghose (dia) 63 OD

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