- Model SP-NT - Broad Spectrum Antibiotic Test Kit



This is the broad spectrum antibiotic test most widely used by all UK milk processors. Only Delvotest SP-NT is used to check every UK farm tank at least once a week by milk purchasers for quality payment purposes. It is also by far the most popular amongst dairy farmers – often referred to as the ‘Gold Standard of antibiotic tests’! Delvotest SP-NT is suitable for testing both individual cows after treatment and bulk tanks. It is simple to use, very reliable and inexpensive per test. It is capable of detecting all 6 categories of antibiotics your vet may prescribe.

Always check whenever:

  • Cows calve early after dry cow therapy.
  • A cow has been treated ‘Off Label’:
    • when a standard dose rate has been exceeded
    • when treatments are extended if treatments are combined
    • Off- label use renders normal withdrawal periods unreliable: extend to 7 days from last treatment and always test before resubmitting milk for sale.
  • If treatment records are 'lost or confused'.
  • To identify which cow is responsible for a ‘mystery’ tank failure (see blue link on the right for

Testing all post-treatment cows, and securing a clear result before resubmitting milk for sale,  remains the best safeguard available to ensure the integrity of your milk.

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