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Model UNI_DEP 200. - Fruit & Vegetable Processing Depalletizers Plants


Depalletization is the first stage of processing in fruit & vegetable processing plants. The UNI_DEP 200 depalletizer is designed to unload crates stacked on pallets. The system transfers a layer of crates onto an evacuation roller conveyor using a gripper with self-centering sides, guaranteeing a safe and secure grip on crates.

The depalletizer UNI_DEP 200 allows automatic palletization of cardboard, wood and plastic boxes on pallet size mm 1000×1200 e mm 800×1200. It can feed two line at the same time or feed the same line with two pallets of different lots.

It is also possible to stack the empty pallets. The system is very flexible and productive.

The UNI_DEP 200 depalletizer is constructed with sturdy uprights which accommodate the self-centering crate gripper. It also features a touchscreen control panel for the operator which facilitates the operator’s task at the various handling and programming stages.


In the automatic supply stage of sorting lines, UNI_DEP 200 is extremely reliable and flexible and complies to current regulations governing “Ergonomic Principles in the Workplace”.


The control of the movements by electronic speed variators allows its use for the palletization of many delicate products.


Simple and functional mechanical design allows extremely low maintenance costs.

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