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- wheat harvester-7Kg Feeding Qantity

Large feed capacity, high efficiency 1. Equipped with 125hp powerful engine 920mm widened header bridge increases fluent flow of crops and feed capacity. 2. Capable of threshing and perform a complete and full separation by using tangential flow + transverse axial flow cylinder threshing and separating technology. 3. Improving threshing components to achieve better threshing and separating effects and a high harvest efficiency. Easy operation, reliable performance 4. Enhanced transmission with a large load-bearing capacity and high operational reliability. 5. Enlarging the screening area by using a reciprocating-type screening system in order to allow the plate to vibrate and the screen to move in opposite directions, would reduce the overall vibration and increase the screening capability, achieving better screening effects. 6. Equipped with GPS navigation system (optional) and alarm device for monitoring the revolving speeds of the axial flow cylinder, the re-thresher and the elevat

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