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DeviGainPG is a unique concentrated protein which supplies amino acids in a targeted form which the pig can utilise more effectively. DeviGainPG has been developed using our exclusive technology behind the DevAmine Range.

By adding DeviGainPG to the diet, the protein in the diet is optimised therefore overall crude protein level can be reduced. This spares energy in the diet and hence promotes growth. Crude protein has been dropped by 3 percentage points with the inclusion of 10kg of DeviGainPG.

  • Up to 5% improvement in growth rate1
  • Up to 5% improvement in FCR2
  • 80kg less soya per tonne of feed
  • 17kg less soya per finishing pig
  • Reduction of 100 tonnes of soya on a 250 sow unit
  • 25% reduction in N excretion (in ammonia, urine and faeces)
  • Up to 16% reduction in Green House Gas emissions3

It is classified as a complementary feeding stuff and is included in finishing pig diets at 10kg/tonne.

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