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- Model DFOV/DFOH - Milk Cooling Tanks



Our standard models of milk cooling tanks, DFOV and DFOH, are available in several sizes and are very easy to operate. They take up very little floor space and rest on longitudinal supports with legs, making them easy to transport. They are entirely constructed of stainless steel and recyclable material. The lid can be opened in one piece and has no rubber gaskets that can wear or harbour bacteria.

The stirrer wings are designed to treat the milk as gently as possible, and its large opening and uncluttered surfaces make the tank easy to clean. The WinCool programmable control system regulates and monitors your tank while at the same time minimises your running costs. The panel is clearly set out with START and STOP functions as well as a temperature indicator, and the built-in alarm immediately signals any faults in the cooling system.

The cooling system can be adapted to the needs of your DFOV and DFOH models, and its evaporators maximise the coolant path so that the milk is efficiently cooled.

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