Model DG - Black Natural Dihydrate Gypsum Dispersing Granular Fertilizer


Black Gypsum DG is a unique bio-amendment that combines natural dihydrate gypsum and humate into a homogenous dispersing granule (DG). The DG microparticles enhance nutrient availability with direct delivery of key nutrients to the plant.

  • Dual carbon sources are unique to The Andersons DG humic products
  • Contains a complete spectrum of humic substances, as compared to liquid humic acids
  • Contains soluble calcium sulfate dihydrate (12% calcium, 8.9% sulfur)
  • Combines two naturally occurring products (gypsum and humate), enhancing the plant’s ability to take in essential nutrients and reducing toxic elements in the soil
  • Blends with all fertilizers, including urea
  • Improves the ability to handle [what are typically] hard to handle soil amendments (gypsum and humate)

Product Type: Dispersing granule soil amendment
Humic Acid Content: 21% (A&L method)
Humic Acid
Precursor Content: 10%
Gypsum Content: 65%
Particle Size: 75 SGN, 240 SGN
Moisture Content: 3-7%
Bulk Density: 48-50 lbs/cu ft
RTA: 90%+
Package Size: 50 lb poly bag
2,000 lb bulk bag
Typical Rate: 130 - 520 lbs/acre

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