Model DG - Dispersing Granular Fertilizer


Humic DG contains 70% humic acid and 10% humic acid precursor. DG Technology creates a dust free, spherical, ultra dry particle that rapidly
disperses into thousands of microparticles upon contact with moisture. Humic DG’s increased surface area, when compared to screened  humate, creates greater availability to the plant. Humic DG performs in a wide range of conditions and soil types, independent of application method.

  • Dual carbon sources are unique to The Andersons DG humic products
  • Contains a complete spectrum of humic substances, as compared to liquid humic acids
  • Blends with all fertilizers, including urea
  • 4X more ecient than screened humate
  • Promotes good soil structure and increases the water holding capacity of soil
  • Enhances root system development
  • Easy to handle and spread through all types of application equipment
  • Economical cost in use

Product Type: Dispersing granule humic acid
Humic Acid Content: 70% (A&L method)
Humic Acid
Precursor Content: 10%
Particle Size: 75 SGN, 240 SGN
Moisture Content: 7-9%
Bulk Density: 43-45 lbs/cu ft
RTA: 90%+
Package Size: 40 lb poly bag
2,000 lb bulk bag
Typical Rate: 40 - 200 lbs/acre

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