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Model DGPS - Positioning System



MATROT offer a full range of these high-tech solutions for their range of sself-propelled sprayer(optional). Opt for a quickreturn on investment.  Increase your yields and efficiency by adopting precision farming techniques. Value added tools such asGlobal Positioning System, really improve working conditions.

  • High-quality GPS engine (accuracy : 30 cm),
  • Applied area counter,
  • GPS guidance,
  • Automatic boom section control for up to 15 boom sections and assisted-steering directly positioned on the hydraulic steering,
  • Speed indication, including slipping wheels correction,
  • Return to your point of departure,
  • No need to mark out any more.

With its icon-based setup screen, our system is really intuitive and easy to use. Programming your different setups depending on your needs is also very simple.

Thus, the GPS becomes your best friend in management and control of your spraying parameters.

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