Abengoa Bioenergy

DGS (Distillers Grains Solubles) and Sugar for Marketing & Trading


DGS (Distillers Grains & Solubles) is the coproduct resulting from the production of bioethanol by means of the conversion through fermentation of the starch in cereals into bioethanol and the ulterior extraction of the latter through distillation. It is a source of vegetal protein, energy, fiber and vitamins used in animal feed. This feed use implies that DGS is subject to strict quality controls to guarantee both its nutritional properties and those derived from the application of the legislation on food safety in force.

Abengoa Bioenergy Brasil obtains sugar from sugarcane crushing. During the crushing process the liquid is separated from the bagasse. The juice undergoes filtration and chemical processes which are necessary to neutralize its pH. The product in solid state (crystal sugar) is finally obtained by means of a distillation and centrifugation process.

Abengoa Bioenergy Brasil has got a total installed capacity of 650 Kt. The production of crystal sugar is sold in the domestic market or exported.

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