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Diametric Growth Sensor (Dendrometer)



Output data: Stem, shoot or fruit diameter. Compatible with: AgriSense/VineSense wireless units. Item Code: PS-0015-LA.

EsSense dendrometer allows the micrometric measurement of plant or fruit stems.

The measure accuracy enables the detection of both seasonal growth and daily variations, related to the physiology of the plant.

This data enables the determination of the plant’s “health status”, and to prevent possible water stress and water deficit events from occurring.

The special materials which have been used, combine lightness (thus minimizing effects on plants), measure accuracy (insensitivity to thermal variation) and robustness (high corrosion prevention, even where chemicals are used).

  • Measuring range: 10 – 100 mm
  • Accuracy: 5 μm (within the temperature range: -20…+60 °C)
  • Linearity: 5%
  • Output: potentiometric10 Kohm
  • Maximum input
  • voltage 24 VDC
  • Environmental protection
  • degree: IP55
  • Weight: 106 gr

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