- Automatic Section Control



Section Control provides the ability to automatically shut off individual sections/row units of a planter as they cross areas that have been previously seeded. Section Control has become a requirement for planters to reduce the expense of over applying materials within the field specifically where seed has already been placed.

User Friendly

The Section Control field coverage map is viewable on a dedicated display providing constant real time update of field boundary, area within the field that has been planted and area within the field left to be covered.


The IntelliAg 10” ISO VT is in control of the seeding rates and seed row monitoring providing the display of this information real time to the operator.  All User interface configuration entries for the section control function will be made on the IntelliAg ISO VT with display of field maps continuously on the A5 section control display.

The A5 display provides for full time viewing of the as covered seeded area within the field without interruption of viewing application rate and seed monitoring information.

Application rates, seed monitoring, acre count, vehicle speed and auto steering information is displayed on the IntelliAg 10” ISO VT eliminating the need for the operator to press a button to view the section control as covered field map.

The auto section control will reduce cost associated with planting seed in areas of the field that have already been seeded, such as diagonal headlands.

GPS latency adjustment allows for calibration of the row shut off at the precise time the planter enters a previously seeded area.

Run In and Run Out Overlap settings to delay the shut off of planter row units when entering and exiting a headland allow the operator to customize the timing of row shut off and turn on.

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