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- Model 3-1-2 - Humic Acid


BioRush 3-1-2 is a retail garden center package containing everything to get plants established and healthy. The product contains over 100 natural ingredients plants need to flourish. One treatment lasts a full season and plants will take off like never before. DIEHARD™ BioRush 3-1-2 breath life into your soil with  Naturally Occurring Mycorrhizae Biostimulants Sea Kelp Humic Acid Beneficial Bacteria Eco-Friendly Easy-to-Use For All Plants Healthy Soils = Healthy PlantsBenefits : • Root Mass • Flowering • Improved color • Transplant Survival • Nutrient Availability • Yields and Production • Reduced Frost Damage • Water & Nutrient Absorption • Improved Plant Performance, especially under stress.

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