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Digestamace Performance Paste is an ideal combination of natural essential oils, direct fed microbials amino acids, and vitamins. Digestamace Performance Paste is specifically formulated to help support normal energy levels, appetite, and digestion in livestock. Suggested during times of stress like freshening, weaning, vaccinating, handling, weather changes, shipping, receiving and in hospital pens.

Advantages of Digestamace Performance Paste
The enzyme combination in Digestamace Performance Paste helps maintain appetite, digestion and performance even during times of stress. Digestamace Performance Paste is an ideal product for all classes of livestock in situations where stress would otherwise deter intake and performance as well as affect health.

  • Ready-to-use Aspergillus oryzae fermentation enzymes to help maintain fiber digestion.
  • Contains highly bioavailable chelated minerals.
  • Select vitamins to help maintain appetite and digestion.
  • Available in easy-to-use dial-a-dose tube for accurate feeding and 300 g tubes for larger volume usage.

Directions for Use
Use a standard gel/paste applicator for 300 g tube. Hold the head of the animal in a slightly elevated position and carefully place the nozzle into the back of the throat between the cheek and teeth. Provide recommended amount. Do not give to animals that are unable to swallow. Provide fresh water at all times.
Each click of a standard gel/paste applicator provides 5 g. One full pull (3 clicks) delivers 15 g.


  • Provides essential nutrients to help support a healthy digestive system
  • Maintains appetite in times of stress
  • First step to post treatment recovery
  • Supports 3R Concept: Re-Energize, Re-Hydrate, and Re-Colonize

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