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- Multifunctional Seeding Control System



High Capacity and Versatile: Seed-flow/blockage monitoring for air drills, seed count and population display for planters, granular fertilizer flow control, hopper level control, shaft rotation guard, fan rpm, hectare counter, tramline regulation – all in one instrument! The robust, versatile device aimed for use all year round. Integra is capable to process and display the performance of 128 rows at a time on its large illuminated graphic screen. Integra was designed to best fit user’s demand with handy operation and easy survey of seeding process. Two i-LiNE ports enable monitoring of different application rates for seed and fertilizer rows. Easy operation is ensured by direct keys and control LEDs.

  • Seed-flow/blockage monitoring of 3 products on pneumatic and some mechanic drills
  • Seed count/Fertilizer/Insecticide flow rate/blockage monitoring on planters
  • Full-featured seeding control program for planters up to 24 seed rows + 24 fertilizer/insecticide rows
  • On-the-go calibration of expected seed density
  • Manual or automatic speed tracking
  • Tramline regulation (symmetric or asymmetric rhytms)
  • Row closure motor/actuator end position control
  • Hopper level display with low level alarm
  • 2 rotation guards (one channel with numeric display, e.g. fan r.p.m.)
  • Detection and display of blockages or dust accumulation on seed sensors

  • Planter
  • Drill
  • Area Count
  • Tramline Regulation
  • Rotation Control

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