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- Model F-41 Series - Forage Harvester


Standard transport light kit for added security during public road travel.The industries quickest, simplest, 1 side, 1 bolt shear bar adjustement allows the operator to adjust the shear bar in a matter of seconds. Dion shear bars are hardened on top and sides along with being tungsten carbide faced for extended life & added strength. The shear bar is also reversible offering twice the cutting performance.

Incorporated manual knife sharpener 3” diameter round stone with “clicker” system allowing the operator to obtain a precise & quick sharpening every time.

Replaceable Spout Liner

Standard cab controlled electric spout, chute & transmission (forward-N-reverse) controls offering complete “flick of a switch” control of your harvester.

Metal detection protects expensive machinery and your livestock.

Standard shear bolt over-load protection on feed rolls & cutterhead. Optional slip clutch is available.

Standard cab controlled hydraulic attachment lift making head switching effortless and standard cab controlled hydraulic swing tongue allowing for maximum maneuverability in the field along with a tongue that closes completely to the center of the harvester making road travel a breeze.

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