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- The Spunbonded for Indoor Use



Dipryl spunbond nonwoven is made of polypropylene (PP) and the mechanical strength is achieved solely by thermal bonding (fiber fusion) and not by chemical additives or binders. Thus the spin fleece is very friendly and is neutral with respect to a variety of materials such as plastics, paints, varnishes and wood. This means that even after prolonged contact on a variety of temperatures, no chemical reaction (bonding, decompose) arise.

The material has helped ease this spunbond a large acceptance in the various branches of production. In Switzerland, these are mainly the timber industry, the prefabricated elements and the separation range of severely compatible plastics.

The great enemy, however, the UV rays, so a multi-year outdoor use with direct or indirect light (or other water-reflection types), also behind glass, is not possible. The UV-stabilization is a short-term protection during processing, it may no long-term guarantee it will be derived.

Also warm chlorine and cleaning fumes can accelerate material degradation under certain circumstances!

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