- Direct Cut Header


Conceived for the full harvesting of every type of forage, both medium and large height. The SPARTAN direct-cut header comes from the desire to offer a wider range of harvesting equipment to satisfy the many needs of the modern retailer. Born to adapt to all brands of forage harvester, SPARTAN is available in two versions with different cutting width.


To fit the most modern forage harvester, it has a large-diameter feeder auger with a simple and functional fluctuating system: it allows a regular material flow of all kind of product, even in difficult conditions.

The conical-profile surfaces of the cutting disc, together with the speed of the feeder auger, have been rigorously studied to feed forage into the conveyor in a light and solid way, granting a regular flow and reducing the needed power, even with down crops.


All parts of the auger subject to wear are replaceable and made of highresistance material, specially chosen to resist strong and extended abrasions.


Quick-change knives dramatically reduce replacement time without the use of tools. Cutting discs are made to have a remarkably close proximity of knives and provide a perfect cut even with packed and wet product.

The disc’s conical profile has a unique and exclusive design to convey the cut product to the feeder auger in a regular and symmetric way.

Continuous feeding: thanks to the integrated gearbox on all headers, it is possible to change the auger speed and cutting length of the harvest at the same time with a simple gear shift.

The fluctuating adapter plate enables the header to contour to the terrain.

SPARTAN is adaptable to all kinds and models of forage harvester with a simple replacement of the adapter kit.

Leveling sensors and auger sensors are available on SPARTAN, depending on forage harvester capabilities and options.


The solid construction, the attention to minute details from planning to painting and the strenuous quality inspections are hallmarks of the CAPELLO brand for over 50 years in fields all around the world.

Nothing is left to chance, not even the paintwork: all CAPELLO products are coated to the strictest ISO standards in electrostatic powder coating systems and pass the strictest testing.

Product quality is guaranteed by a company brand recognized worldwide for the reliability and performance of its products.

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