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- Directional Crystal Growers



The multi crystallizers are designed for directional solidification of multi-crystal solar silicon ingots for photovoltaic wafer production. The directional solidification systems of JYT Corporation include 4 models. They have capacities of 270kg, 450kg, 550kg as well as 800kg. The furnaces JZ-270 and JZ-450 have the same chamber size as well as JZ-520 and JZ-800. They only differ in the hot zone size.

  • Charge capacity up to 550kg with process guaranty
  • Expanding capacity up to 800kg
  • With the world's largest current ingot loading capacity of 800kg these furnaces reduce electricity consumption and capital expenditures, while increasing production efficiency
  • Large average crystal grain size (15-30mm)
  • Very reasonable prices and best overall value
  • Advanced yet proven equipment technology with user-optimized design
  • High quality products with reliable performance
  • Renowned companies such as the largest wafer manufacturer LDK Solar already take the advantage in operating these systems in serial production. More than 1000 units have been sold so far

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