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Corner Machinery Ltd. is used for mowing lawns. The structure of this machine provides necessary height of mowing. Mowing width,which is done by this mowers, provides producing direct selecting of slightly dried green mass by rolled pressing on silage without additional operations like tedding and raking up.

Advantages of the mowers Corner machinery Ltd.:

  • Simple structure of mowers;
  • Low usage of tractor’s power;
  • High quality of the cutting blade of Corner machinery ltd.;
  • Simple and quick blade change;
  • Ability to choose mowers; i.e., to shift mowers from transporting position to working position mechanically or hydraulicaly.

Fingered Mower is used for mowing wild grasses. Beams and bars of cutting tool machines are safer than other similar mowers of different producers.So,that’s why it eliminates the possibility of deformation or distruction during work and collection of cutted piles on it.
Disk Mowers is used for mowing natural and planted grass.Also, it’s used for mowing high-yield and the crops in the swath. The mowers are used in all areas like flat tracts of land (hayraking) not clogged by stones but except highlands

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