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- Disc Stubble Breaker



The Disc-O-Mulch Silver is an independent disc stubble-breaker equipped with a 100×100 mm reinforced frame and with 30×30 mm percussion 3D security.Like all the Disc-O-Mulch, the two rows of discs have different diameters. On the Disc-O-Mulch Silver, the different discs are: Ø 510 at the front and Ø 460 at the back.This enables the first row to go through the crops easily, while the second row makes the seeding bed finer.
The machine is equipped with high security and maintenance free hubs.This model is available mounted or semi-mounted.The Disc-O-Mulch Silver is especially suitable for a work at the surface and on light and medium soils with a working depth from 5 to 10 cm.

  • Stubble-breaker with independant discs
  • 3D security system with percussion spring 30x30
  • High security SR hubs without lubrification
  • Optimal disc angles with positive pitch to save power
  • Ø 510 discs at front, Ø 460 disc at rear : patented difference of diameter
  • Orientation kit left-hand in front and right-hand in the rear (levelling out)
  • Standard left-hand deflector
  • Left-hand side disc in the rear
  • Under frame clearance ≈ 57 cm
  • Reinforced frame, 100x100 beam
  • Coupling pins cat. n° 2 on rigid models and n°3 on folding models
  • Warning kit with reflective plates on rigid models, warning kit with reflective plates and lamps on folding models

  • Selection of roller
  • Fluted disc

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