- Compound Fertilizer Granulator Machine


Disc Fertilizer Granulating Machine Structure It is set 3 discharging holes which is convenient to continuous production and reduce the labor intensity. Reduction gears and motor are driven by flexible belts, thus it can move stably and reduce impact to improve service life. The bottom of disc adopts several radiation steel plates to strength its durability. No need fixed by bolts. Granulating gears are made from high-frequency quenching materials; with the lining of glass fiber reinforced plastics, the granulating disc is anti-corrosion and durable. What’s the Diameter of Organic Fertilizer Particles? It is the fertilizer capacity that mostly influences the diameter of disc granulating machine.The fertilizer equipment producing capacity and organic fertilizer producing requirements also matters a lot. When the diameter is determined, the height can be also calculated. In general,the larger of the diameter, the higher of the height.

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